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Chicago Gallery 2018


Evoking haiku with its austere prosody, Nathalie Guarracino narrows her palate and stages on her canvases a nuanced play of cumulative textures and ghostly shapes. Her paintings transmit an accidental complexity that has no beginning or end. Despite being unfathomable, the whole vibrates to the tone of a possible awakening. Joining a devotion to painterly materiality with an imagination of the matter of moments-the smell of rain, the wetness of air, the sounds of water entering earth - Guarracino's work transports us to a place we have always inhabited, but which we can never understand. Only live and celebrate.
Rene V. Arcilla
New York University's Steinhart School, author of Mediumism: A Philosophical Reconstruction of Modernism for Existential Learning.

Boston Exhibition 2018

The Day After, 36"x72", Oil on canvas